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Nezhla Aghaei

Institute for Theoretical Physics,
Albert Einstein Center for

Fundamental Physics,
University of Bern,
Sidlerstr. 5, 3012 Bern


Office: ExWi/GS 236 

Phone: +41 31 631 8629


Welcome to my website.


I am a mathematical physicist and currently at Mari Curie Fellow at SDU and university of Geneva.


Before, I was a postdoc at Max Planck Institute in Bonn and 

in the Albert Einstein Centre at the University of Bern in the group of Prof. Reffert.

 I was a PhD student in Research Training Group (RTG), Mathematics inspires by

string theory and quantum field theory, in the mathematics department

at the University of Hamburg and in the string theory group at DESY, Germany,

under the supervision of Prof. Jörg Teschner.

My research interests are mathematical structure underline the exact results in

supersymmetric gauge theory, including:

Research interests in Mathematics:

  • The mathematics of quantum Teichmüller theory and TQFT:

            Relation to quantum group, Representation theory and Knot theory

  • The mathematics of: conformal field theories, Hitchin's moduli spaces and integrable models

  • Topological recursion

Research interests in String Theory:

  • 4d-2d and 3d-3d correspondence

  • Non-perturbative physics of supersymmetric gauge theories

  • Conformal field theories (CFT) and Integrability

  • Complex Chern-Simons theory

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